How to Write E-Mail to People Who Don’t Read

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You do your best to communicate clearly, but you can tell by their questions that people just aren’t reading your e-mails!  With the volume of e-mail escalating and the pressure to write timely responses increasing, it’s more important than ever to build powerful e-mail writing skills.  In this course, you’ll learn strategies for structuring your e-mail so it is read and acted upon.

What you will learn:

  • How to write a must-open subject line
  • Why and how to present the most important information at the beginning of your e-mail
  • How to manage technical information in e-mails, especially when writing to non-technical readers
  • How and when to use templates and canned responses
  • How to incorporate links to other online information
  • How to control your e-mail tone so you can connect with colleagues and customers
  • When sending e-mail is appropriate and when you should meet in person or call

What you will do:

  • Review sample e-mails to develop a list of traits of a well-written message
  • Learn to organize e-mails by using an e-mail message template
  • Revise e-mails to improve tone
  • Practice a strategy for writing excellent subject lines
  • Contribute to an E-mail Writing Best Practices Guide

Course length: one day


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