Jan 30 Webinar: Five Ways to Write Great Chat to Customers + a Plan for Measuring Chat Quality

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SOCAP logoCustomers love using live chat for service. It’s immediate. The chat agent can look things up or take control of the customer’s browser. Chat allows for the back-and-forth of a phone call without the tedious IVR or hold time. But for companies, chat can be a challenge. Writing great chat is a lot harder than it looks. You need the right people with the right writing skills – people who can think on their feet and compose a clear sentence, even if they’re chatting with more than one customer at a time. In this webinar, you’ll review real chat transcripts to learn what works and what doesn’t when chatting with customers.

Register now for this free webinar on January 30, 2013 from 2 – 3 pm Eastern Time

You will learn:

•    The five bedrock writing skills chat agents must have to write great chat to customers
•    Which writing mistakes harm chat quality the most
•    How to help chat agents write well in difficult situations or with difficult customers

You will receive:

•    A chat quality monitoring form you can adapt for your own company and team

Want to get started on chat? Download “Using Chat for Customer Service,” an I did for SOCAP Australia’s Consumer Directions magazine.

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  1. Thank you Leslie, looking forward to learning these tips to optimize service to our donors.

  2. Thanks, Kelsey! I am really looking forward to my trip to Boston to work with you and your team. Feel free to send questions ahead of the course, if you’d like. Oh, and let’s keep the temperature above 32, OK?!

  3. Hi,
    I am quality analyst & I am looking for web chat quality form. It will be great if I can get one.
    Azharuddin Hamdani

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