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One-and-Done Customer Service E-mail: Ending the E-mail Loops

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Download our article for Contact Professional magazine (223k, PDF). We share tips for avoiding endless e-mail loops that cost you money and customers.

1. Restate the customer’s question in the opening paragraph of the e-mail. This technique helps the CSR focus on the customer’s question and gather all necessary information. Seeing his question restated reassures the customer that he’s getting the information he needs.

2. Use headings to organize the e-mail. Many customers send complex e-mail inquiries that include several questions, or require several actions for resolution. Headings allow the CSR to highlight the answer to each question or the action the customer must take. Headings make scanning easier so customers can find the answers they need.

3. Make the e-mail brief, but link to detailed information online. Write e-mail that is as brief as possible. Provide links to detailed information online, such as FAQs and knowledge base articles. This lets the CSR write a concise answer while providing access to the details that the customer may need.

4. Use consistent formatting to indicate procedures or instructions. Make it easy for customers to follow instructions or procedures by breaking them down into short, easy-to-do steps. Use numbers to indicate ordered steps in procedure; use bullets to highlight non-sequential points.

5. Write for easy reading and comprehension. Write and format e-mails so that customers—reading online—can easily understand them. That means writing short sentences and paragraphs, and using bullets instead of dense paragraphs.

Download the full article: One-and-Done Customer Service E-Mail: Ending the E-Mail Loops



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