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Participants’ comments on EIA Write Right course surveys

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At the end of each course in the Write Right curriculum we developed for EIA, participants completed a course evaluation survey. With a total of 391 students in the courses, we got a lot of feedback. Here are some selected comments (actually a ton of comments), which show why people liked the writing training and what they got out of it.

  • I thought this class was very helpful. I learned at least five things I didn’t know.
  • This course helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in terms of written communication skills.
  • Best use of a 1.5-hour meeting I have had in a while.
  • You may think you know how to edit other people’s stuff, but you probably don’t. Take the course!
  • I thought I knew a lot about writing, but this can help me convey the messages to people I don’t get through to.
  • This class will make your team better writers.
  • One of the most useful classes you can take to help make you a better manager.
  • The course triggers lively and agency-specific practical discussions. Very good.
  • Great overview of editing other people’s work with actionable tools.
  • A good overview of ways to approach challenging editing situations faced by non-managers.
  • Time well spent! A short course but very effective in conveying important aspects of editing/proofreading.
  • Instructor will not put you on the spot. Examples are done as a group.
  • This course is a good reminder of rules you learned in school and forgot.
  • Great presentation of editing options for employees to check their own work.
  • Keeps a tedious subject interesting. Thoughtfully laid out. Very valuable for those who have trouble editing.
  • This course is a wonderful refresher and guide for correcting common writing errors.
  • Extremely informative. I learned new techniques to write more concisely.
  • This is a class that every employee can benefit from. Excellent instruction!
  • This course gave me a number of tools to improve my writing. Very useful.
  • Offers some concrete steps to make writing go faster, more smoothly.
  • A valuable workshop to provide training in simplifying our communication
  • The course helped me understand the meaning and value of plain writing
  • It was not boring. It had real world examples, and we do have to do this writing a lot, so it is useful.
  • This really helps me in writing articles. And I recommend it for new employees.
  • The format of the class makes it interesting and engaging.
  • Great class. Should attend. Bring questions.
  • Outstanding presentation; tells you what you need to know re policy neutrality at EIA.
  • Course should be marketed to employees who are new to EIA, less than three years, and those who are just starting to write information for EIA.

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