Webinar: How to Harness the Power of Chat in Your Contact Center

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ICMI_logo My September 24, 2015 webinar: How to Harness the Power of Chat in Your Contact Center.



I’ll be co-presenting with Ross Haskell, Senior Director of Products, BoldChat. The webinar’s hosted by ICMI and moderated by Erica Strother Marois, Community Specialist.

Webinar description

Did you know that more customers would prefer to use web chat than any other assisted channel? Yet, according to the latest research from ICMI, just one-third of contact centers today are supporting web chat. This gross misunderstanding of the importance of web chat may be negatively affecting customer satisfaction, limiting revenue opportunities and hindering the success of your organization.

Do not risk causing irreversible harm to your organization; attend this webinar to discover the three awesome outcomes of providing chat customer service.

ICMI and BoldChat by LogMeIn will share new insights that reveal the importance of web chat to customers and their increased likelihood to switch companies when they aren’t satisfied. You’ll receive tips and ideas for delivering exceptional experiences through chat, discover the ROI of chat, and learn how to measure and recognize the success of leveraging chat to provide stellar customer service

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Why customers prefer chat over any other assisted channel
  • The necessary skills for effective customer interactions on chat
  • How to best measure the success of chat
  • When to expect a chat implementation to deliver its return on investment

Join us for this interactive and informative hour—complete with audience polls, case studies, best practices and live Q&A.

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  1. Best practices for chat writing.

  2. Hi there,

    I attended the webinar and found it to be very useful! When the webinar concluded however, I was unable to download the presenation or Chat Scorecard, which I would appreciate having for my records. I plan to implement a similiar card with my contact center team.

    Could you please advise if you can email both the presentation and scorecard?

    My email address is: tschindel@nwtel.ca


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