Westat: Managing Writing – January 27-28, 2016

List of files for Westat Managing Writing course on January 27, 2016

  1. E-WRITE Cover Sheet: Managing Writing & Mentoring Staff Writers WESTAT, 27-28Jan2016
  2. E-WRITE Manual: Managing Writing WESTAT 27Jan2016
  3. E-WRITE Handout: MStapleton Proposal 2Versions WESTAT 27Jan2016
  4. E-WRITE Handout:_MStapleton Feedback Proposal 2Versions WESTAT 27-28Jan2016
  5. E-WRITE Document Planner: WESTAT_27Jan2016
  6. E-WRITE Evaluation Form: Managing Writing & Mentoring Staff Writers WESTAT_27-28Jan2016
  7. E-WRITE Manual: Mentoring Staff Writers WESTAT 28Jan2016

Screenshots: Module 2, page 4








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