Famous Inboxes: Who knew Michelangelo, Napoleon, and Satan wrote e-mail?

by | Jan 27, 2011 | Writing Matters Blog | 1 comment

Apparently, the very talented, the very commanding, and the very bad are just like you and me. They have inboxes crowded with e-mails waiting to be answered. Check out   Mark Brownlow's Famous Inboxes blog and peer into inboxes that never were but should have been.


In Michelangelo's inbox:

  • From Sistine Maintenance: "Pls tell apprentices to clear up beer cans & cigarette butts"
  • From Mrs. Michelangelo: "Mama wants her kitchen tiled – can u do it Sunday?"

In Napoleon Bonaparte's inbox:

  • From Twitter: "Welcome to Twitter, BonyNap!"
  • From Wellington: "Least I don't have to wear high heels"

In Satan's inbox:

  • From New Media Devil: "Webinar – 5 new ways to tempt a prophet"
  • From Beelzebub's Beauty Boutique: "20% off cloven hoof lacquer"

Brownlow makes the Famous Inbox conceit look easier than it is. I gave it a try with the subject lines I invented for the inbox of Lot's wife, the Biblical character who was turned into a pillar of salt when she violated the "don't look back when fleeing Sodom" rule.

  • From Architectural Digest Newsletter: "Doric or Corinthian? Find the front-porch redo that's right for you?"
  • From FamilyTravel.com: "Get Out of Town – Weekend Getaways Just a  Short Drive from Sodom and Gomorrah"

Your turn. Let your imagination go. Send me your invented inboxes and, with your permission, I'll post your subject lines here.

 – Leslie O'Flahavan

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1 Comment

  1. Mona Lisa’s Inbox:
    •From Brite Smiles cosmetic dentistry: “Come in for a free tooth whitening consult!”
    •From Leonardo da Vinci:“Glad you liked the proofs but my favorite is the one with the quirky smile.”

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