76 Online Opportunities to Build Your Punctuation Skills

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Who says resolutions have to be made in January? If you’ve vowed to become a better writer or editor, use some of your downtime this summer to complete these free online grammar, punctuation, or usage exercises offered by the writing labs at various colleges. You’ll spruce up your skills with hands-on practice and instant feedback.

NOTE: I’ve used the exact title of each online exercise, so there’s some inconsistency (but not mine) in capitalization, etc.

From Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab’s Interactive Exercises Index:

From Capital Community College’s Guide to Grammar and Writing, a
List of Interactive Quizzes:

From Empire State College’s “Writer’s Complex,” a list of online exercises:

From D’Youville College’s Online Writing Lab, a list of punctuation practices:

From University of Otowa’s Writing Centre:

From Towson University’s Online Writing Support site, a list of punctuation exercises:

Oh my. That’s a lot of practice. I dare you to misuse a comma now!

— Leslie O’Flahavan

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