A Plain Language Choral Performance by those Wags at the European Commission

by | Dec 30, 2010 | Plain Language Writing Courses, Writing Matters Blog | 4 comments

Trying to take your plain language efforts to the next level? Looking for something special that will inspire your colleagues to write clearly and emphatically? You need a touch of gospel. You need to listen to “Good news: Clarity’s a-coming!,” the European Commission’s Clear Writing campaign song, sung by the Hot Air Vocal Ensemble, a Brussels-based choir.  

You’ve got to love plain language folks, don’t you? These choir members are standing on a conference room table (?!) and singing their hearts out. Thumbs up for taking your topic more seriously than you take yourself.

After you’re done listening to the song (and clapping? dancing?), download the Commission’s plain language guide How to Write Clearly. (The song lyrics are from the guide’s Table of Contents.)

And our American hats are off to the Europeans; their plain language guide is available in all 23 official languages of the European Union!

 — Leslie O’Flahavan

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this video. I translate from the sort of unplain language they’re campaigning against – I feel their pain!
    I used the video on my own blog – hope you don’t mind (I’ve credited you as the source).
    Your blog and newsletters are great – always a delight to read.
    With best wishes for a happy and beautifully written New Year!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments. I’m eager to learn more about the unplain language you translate. Care to share a story or sample?

  3. Cheery video! Hi Leslie! We worked together years ago when I was at CAL (Letters Home). Am a librarian in New England now.

  4. Hello, Fran – great to hear from you again. Maybe our paths will cross again soon?!

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