Video Contest: Win a Government Website Usability Test

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 What? Monster trucks in government?! It’s a video throwdown from GSA’s First Fridays Product Testing Program. They’re sponsoring a contest: make a two-minutes-or-less video explaining why your agency deserves a free usability test. You could win. That means testing your site or app with real live customers and getting expert guidance on how to improve it.  

Want to do usability testing on your federal website but don’t have funds or staff? Enter the “Win a Free Website Usability Test” Video Contest. Contest deadline is February 29, 2012.

Submit a video (two minutes or less) addressing why your government website or web application is a good candidate for a free usability test. Make a creative video explaining the importance of your site, the problems you think need fixing, and a creative push for why you should win.

  • Your site must be a public-facing .gov or .mil website
  • Your team must work with First Fridays to plan the test
  • Your site stakeholder or designee must observe a First Fridays test
  • If you win, your site stakeholder must attend your usability test

The GSA First Fridays Product Testing Program has tested over 25 government websites. After a morning of in-depth testing with real website customers, the team meets over lunch and identifies quick-fix solutions to the top three problems.

Now’s your chance. Contest winners must be willing to make site improvements within 30 days of the test and learn to do simple usability testing.  Why? Because small changes have a BIG impact on customer experience.

To sign up to observe a First Fridays test, email

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