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The E-Mail Writing Skills Competency Exam is the tool you need to assess whether your customer service agents and job applicants have the essential e-mail writing skills to communicate with customers.

What Does the E-Mail Writing Skills Competency Exam Include?

  1. An Exam that tests essential writing skills. It includes eight short answer sections and two scenario-based writing exercises.
  2. An Administrator’s Guide
    • Instructions for administering the exam
    • Exam answers and detailed explanations
    • Scoring sheets for tallying and presenting exam results
  3. A Competency Certificate to award to agents who pass the exam
  4. A Completion Certificate to award to agents who complete the Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail workbook

How Should You Use the Competency Exam?

Use as a stand-alone exam or in conjunction with the Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail workbook.

  • Evaluate current customer service agents’ writing skills
  • Assess job applicants’ writing skills before hiring them
  • Identify your customer service staff’s need for writing training
  • Certify customer service agents’ e-mail writing competency
  • Test customer service agents’ writing competency after they complete the Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail workbook

What E-Mail Writing Skills Does the Competency Exam Evaluate?

The Exam tests the ability to

  • Write clear, strong sentences
  • Write with a polite, positive, and personal tone
  • Select the correct word and spell it right
  • Punctuate correctly
  • Write for global customers

See the complete list of Exam Sections.

Can You Customize the Competency Exam For Your Organization?
Yes! Use the Exam “off the shelf” or customize it. The exam includes a writing exercise that requires the exam-taker to respond to a customer’s e-mail. You can customize the exam by adding your own scenario to the e-mail writing exercise. The Scoring Checklist will help you score your customized writing exercise.

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