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When Leslie and I started E-WRITE in 1996 “the e-mail” was a very new tool and Al Gore was inventing the Internet. We knew that e-mail and the web would change how we communicate. But who could have envisioned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blogs? 

I’ve noticed that many of my over 50 friends and colleagues have been slow to adopt social media and the generation of new web apps. Why? Many feel it is unsafe, overwhelming and time consuming. And how or why would someone over 50 use it?

That’s why I’ve started a new blog WebOver50: The Web Is Wasted on the Young. Its purpose is to

  • Sort through the jungle of web apps and tell over 50s what’s worth their time and what’s not.
  • Show how to web-surf safely.
  • Explain all-things-web in plain English.

Some sample posts:

While I’m donning a new hat—publisher of WebOver50—I’ll still be wearing my comfortable and familiar E-WRITE hat. That means I’ll still be writing web content for E-WRITE clients, working with Leslie to develop new course content, and contributing Writing Matters posts

Please take a look at WebOver50 —even if you are under 50. And pass this on to your over 50 friends and colleagues. Please subscribe and let me know what you think. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail 

 –Marilynne Rudick

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