Join me for the Content Managers’ Playbook course on February 23

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On February 23, 2011, I am teaching a day-long course for Web Manager University in Washington, DC. Content Managers’ Playbook: Proven Strategies for Getting Readable Content  is ideal for anyone who manages content and the people who write it.  I’ve provided the full course description, below.

During the course, I’ll share some of the interviews I’ve done with forward-thinking content managers. If you’d like to be interviewed, or know a content manager who would, e-mail me.  I may not be able to use your interview in next week’s course, but I’ll try!

If you’ll be in DC on February 23, I hope you’ll consider joining me for the Content Managers’ Playbook course.

Course Description

Your content management system is in place, you’ve got support from the higher-ups, and you’ve hired all the right people for your own web team. Yet you still struggle to get worthwhile content from the subject matter experts in your agency who are supposed to supply it. They don’t think writing content for the Web is their job. They are not motivated to update their web pages. Sometimes they feed you unreadable content and ask you to “webify” it. Other times they just want to post a long PDF. Their resistance or lack of skill threatens the distributed publishing model you’ve worked hard to establish.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how content managers in corporations, government, and nonprofits have cultivated their subject matter experts’ content writing skills. You’ll receive a Content Managers’ Playbook with case studies and strategies for training and motivating content contributors, and helping them understand their role in the overall content publishing cycle.

What you’ll learn

  • How to diagnose content problems. Are contributors suffering from a lack of skill, motivation, or both?
  • How to help contributors understand, and care about, users’ content needs
  • How to establish and enforce content quality guidelines
  • How to use content case studies to provide models of excellence
  • How to help contributors see the business value in writing quality content
  • What types of ongoing training content contributors need

How you’ll benefit

  • You’ll review real-world examples of the strategies other content managers have used to solve their content problems
  • You’ll receive three models for organizing content contributors and consider which model will work best for your organization
  • You’ll learn how to make the business case for contributors to produce good web content

Who should attend

  • Web managers and content managers
  • Program managers who want their employees to produce better web content
  • New media and public affairs staff who are responsible for web content
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