Transactional E-Mail: I’m Tim, I’ll Be Your Installer

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I’ve gotten excellent customer service from Next Day Blinds. So I wasn’t surprised to receive a transactional e-mail the day before the scheduled appointment to install new shades, reminding me of the date and time.

Somewhat unexpected, however, was the information the company provided about the installer. Along with his name, the e-mail told me he had worked for the company for 12 years. In addition, it included this information:

“Tim is extremely organized. He takes great pride in being efficient and this reflects in his installations. Certified in all Great Windows and Hunter Douglas window treatments, Tim is great for any job!”

I liked that the e-mail included a name. A person, not an “installer,” was doing the work. I was reassured that the man who was showing up at my house, drill in hand, was no Johnny-come-lately to installation. And it reinforced my positive feelings about the company. A company that has long-term employees must treat them right.

But I confess that I was unsure about the “extremely organized” and “efficient” information. It made me feel like I had to tidy up the living room before he arrived. I was apologetic when he found an earring under the sofa he moved. I was grateful that the installation wasn’t in my office! 

In the era of Facebook and MySpace, I shouldn’t find it strange that the e-mail
provided personal information about Tim. But the information was edging over the line between installer and friend. Should I stick around and chat while he worked? How are the kids? Or perhaps pick up some tips on being more organized? Gather all your tools before starting the project.

After Tim completed the installation, I had to sign a checklist stating that he had followed installation procedures: removed his shoes, showed me how the new shades worked, cleaned up debris. As he left, I wondered whether he was filling out a form about me: customer was polite, living room was neat, didn’t offer me coffee.

And did he tweet when he got back in his van? “Just completed organized and
efficient installation of shades in Marilynne’s living room.” 

— Marilynne Rudick (guest blogger)

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